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April 20, 2023

Friday 04/21/2023

Workout Of the Day

Strimulus Of The Day

Sprint-style workout with built-in rest.

Whiteboard Of the Day

We have a fun sprint workout today with both gymnastics and endurance.

If you have a rope climb but are still working on proficiency, we’ll have you reduce the height but still climb the rope.

Hit this one hard from the start. There is built-in rest, so you’ll have time to recover between rounds.

Expect your pace to slow, but you should not see a decline of more than :20 from your first round

Before the workout, we’ll work on some row pulling sprints.

Have fun and hit this one hard!

Strength Skill Of the Day

5 sets for total distance:
20 pulls on the rower
– Rest 1:00 between pulls.

Metcon Of the Day

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb (15 ft)
200/250-m row
– Rest 1:00 between rounds

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