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January 12, 2024

Friday 01/12/2023

Up Coming Gym Events
Jan 20th
Giant Gym Movie Night

Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP

Bodywork by Susie is now in the lobby-Info by her door

Whiteboard of the Day

Today’s workout is a grind. Put your head down, push the pace, and get after it.
Scale to keep each round to 1:30 or less. Advanced athletes should try to keep rounds closer to 1:00 for as long as possible.
After the workout is over, we’ll perform plank holds and stretch before finishing up the class.


10 rounds for time:
6 Shuttle Runs (50')
10 burpees

Skill Work

Min. 1 | Plank hold
Min. 2 | Flutter kicks

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