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Coach Amanda


May 12, 2024


When it comes to mastering the snatch, it's all about progression. Beginners often start with foundational movements to build strength, stability, and technique. This might involve practicing overhead squats, snatch grip deadlifts, and muscle snatches to develop the necessary mobility and coordination. As proficiency grows, lifters gradually incorporate more complex movements and increase the load. Progressing through various drills and exercises, such as snatch pulls, hang snatches, and snatch balances, helps refine technique and bolster confidence. Additionally, focusing on accessory exercises to target weaknesses, such as overhead mobility drills or core strengthening exercises, can further enhance snatch performance. By following a structured progression tailored to individual abilities, lifters can steadily advance towards mastering this dynamic lift, unlocking new levels of skill and proficiency along the way.


Snatch Push Press 3x5

Snatch Balance 3x3

High Hang Power Snatch 3x3

Snatch High Pull 3x3

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