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August 28, 2023

Monday 08/28/2023

Whiteboard Of the Day

This interval triplet looks simple, but utilizes the glutes and hamstrings for all three movements.

This combination will be challenging to sustain, but the loading and reps should allow for unbroken sets and fast paces.

The challenge today is the speed with which you pick up the DBs and tackle the run. Reduce the load of the DBs and the distance of the run to meet this challenge.

With the built-in rest, each effort should be a near-sprint from start to finish on every round.

Regardless of which strategy you use, maintain good range of motion and a neutral spine during the deadlifts.

Accessory Of the Day

6 rounds for time:
12 DB deadlifts (35/50 lb)
9 DB box step-up (35/50 lb) (20/24 in)
200-m run
– Use two DBs or KBs
– Rest 2:00 between rounds.

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