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March 16, 2023

Friday 03/17/2023

Pro Tip:
If there are skills or movements you want to have don't wait until a couple minutes before a metcon to try and figure it out. Come in early, stay after, put the work in, and you will get there!
Bonus Tip:
Track your workouts! Back when I started CrossFit we all kept composition notebooks with the WODs and our times and weights. If you are always looking at the ground when running it can be hard to realize how far you have come and how beautiful the journey was!

Workout Of the Day

Strength Endurance Of the Day

10 Repetition Maximum

Speed & Agility Of the Day Pat 1

For Time
2 Attempts score fastest
Cone T-Test

Speed & Agility Of the DayPart 2

For Time
2 Attempts score fastest
Ladder Drill
2 in 2 out

Mobility Of the Day

Lacrosse Ball Mobilizations

Post Times, Loads, Pictures and Words of Wisdom to BTW

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