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December 1, 2022

Thursday 12/01/2022

TODAY we are starting a challenge called Character Mile Challenge. Visit our instagram post for details and tag us in your story as much as you like as this challenge "runs" its course!!! Ask any coach for details.

Workout Of the Day

Still come in as normal if you sign up on the waitlist. The waitlist is just an extended sign up.

Strength Of the Day

Bench Press

Metcon Of the Day

I have a workout I have named "A quarter of a full WOD" that I accidentally mentioned to some groups was going to happen tomorrow but its not this week its next week, so stay excited because while it deals in some "quarters" the "whole" thing is going to be fun!

For Watts
4 Row Erg Pulls (highest of 4 is scored)
4 Strict Pull Ups
4 Dead Lifts (heavy to potentiate the row drives aka leg push)
The heavier the deadlift the more muscle will be recruited and ready for high power (watt) output on the erg.
score is the aggregate of the watts from 1 erg pull per round.

Post Times, Loads, Pictures and Words of Wisdom to BTW

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