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February 3, 2024

SaturYAY 02/03/2024

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is the most fun you will have working out all year, there are levels of workouts for everyone and everyone always agrees it is FUN!

Up Coming Gym Events

Feb 10th
Game Night @ CrossFit ATP
Feb 24th
Ladies Of ATP Brunch

Whiteboard of the Day

Today we have a fun Saturday partner workout! Shoot for 4 or more rounds for your team.

You will run together and alternate on the farmers carries and goblet squats.

Find partners of similar strength and ability level. Choose a run pace and kettlebell load based on how you are feeling after this week’s workouts.

We will move through some running drills in the warm-up to prep for the 200-meter runs.

We’ll also take time to dial in proper farmers carry hold and goblet squat mechanics.

Have fun with this and keep moving with quick transitions between partners.

Metcon Of the Day

AMRAP 20 with a partner
100-m farmers carry (35/53 lb)
200-m run
30 KB goblet squats (35/53 lb)
*Partners complete each run together and split goblet squats and farmers carries as desired*

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